List of Italian Welding Torch Manufacturers and Suppliers

Are you looking for the best Italian manufacturers and suppliers of MIG welding guns, TIG welding guns, Spot welding guns, and Plasma cutting guns? You’ve come to the right place! This article lists 6 of the best welding gun wholesale companies in Italy.

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List of Welding Gun Suppliers in Italy

  1. TEC. MO. Srl

Italian Welding Gun Manufacturer and Supplier - TEC. MO. SrlSource:

TEC. MO. Srl was founded in Bologna (Italy) in 1987 and for over 25 years cooperates with major manufacturers of plasma cutting systems.

The Research and Development department is constantly working to design more advanced solutions, combining quality with aesthetic and functional requirements, to meet the manufacturer’s needs with highly customized products.

The Consumables Sector, with over 10 million pieces produced annually, allows customers in every country of the world to satisfy any request and, given the wide range of products, to apply to a single source.

In 2015 TEC. MO.  has acquired AUTO.TEC.  a company that manufactures CNC cutting tables.

TEC. MO. range covers consumables for the most known and marketed plasma torches.

Today TEC. able to offer a full range of torches:

  • with or without High Frequency
  • air-cooled
  • liquid-cooled
  • high definition

Headquarters: 40067 Rastignano – Bologna – Italy

  1. Trafimet Group SpA

Italian Welding Gun Manufacturer and Supplier - Trafimet Group SpASource:

For over 40 years, Trafimet has been known worldwide for its wide range of products specializing in welding and cutting torches. Trafimet represents efficiency, quality, innovation, and attention to serving customer needs.

In addition to currently being a member of the international Kemppi Oy Group, Trafimet to this day maintains its strong “made in Italy” imprint, staying true to its origins and history. Founded as a small artisan’s workshop, Trafimet has since grown to over 22,000 square meters of manufacturing floor space in Italy. Today, Trafimet represents a well-known brand appreciated by leading industrial companies in the field of welding and cutting.

Main products:

  • Plasma Cutting Torch
  • MIG Welding Gun
  • TIG Welding Gun

Headquarters: 36020 Castegnero, Vicenza, Italia

  1. Calloni S.r.l

Italian Welding Gun Manufacturer and Supplier - Calloni S.r.lSource:

Our company was established in Concorezzo near Milan in 1961 by Antonio Calloni, who, after having gained experience in the mechanical industry, decided to start his own business producing pressure regulators for gas and equipment for welding and cutting metals.

Our wide product range includes torches for waterproofing, special equipment used for new waterproofing methods, kettles for melting bitumen and torches for welding and cutting. All of them are designed and produced with the utmost attention to safety and quality, along with consideration for ergonomics, health and environment.

Constantly developing and improving our products to meet the requirements of the market and our customers developing needs, we have become the company of reference for installers and resellers in the field of roofing and waterproofing equipment. It has reached professional success, both in the home and foreign markets, in fact, it exports to more than 50 countries all over the world.

Headquarters: 20863 Concorezzo (MB) – Italy

  1. Mestriner Welding Srl

Italian Welding Gun Manufacturer and Supplier - Mestriner Welding Srl_Source:

Founded at the beginning of the century by Mr. Mestriner, During the past 40 years, Mestriner’s growth has been driven by the expansion of services and products that have placed the Company at the forefront of the major Italian manufacturers of cutting and welding equipment.

Besides, a wide sales network assures Mestriner’s presence all over the national territory as well as in many European and non-European countries and its export quota is about 50% of the whole production.

In 1996, Mestriner – the first among the other Italian producers – was granted the UNI EN ISO 9002 certification, and since November 2002, the new certification UNI EN ISO 9001 confirms Mestriner’s as a great promoter of continuous improvement and quality supplier.


  • Manufacturing Accuracy
  • Material Selection
  • Careful Assembly
  • Continuous Research And Technology Innovation

Headquarters: 30175 – Marghera (VE) – Italy


 Italian Welding Gun Manufacturer and Supplier - P.E.I.-POINT SRLSource:

Since 1993 PEI-POINT is on the international market focusing its efforts on the quality and reliability of its products. It fulfills O.E.M. requirements for metal sheet assemblies, mainly in the automotive and domestic appliance industries as well as car body repair works.

The continuous research for innovative solutions allows for offering a complete range of advanced products, competitive for price, quality, and performance.

Main products:

  • Linear action spot welders
  • Twin spot portable spot welders
  • Suspended spot welding guns

Headquarters: 35010 Limena (Padova) Italy

  1. Tewi (S.r.l.)

Italian Welding Gun Manufacturer and Supplier - Tewi (S.r.l.)Source:

TEWI is among the main Italian manufacturers of different components for resistance welding in the automotive industry.

TEWI manufactures manual spot-welding guns, bodies of Large and Modular Robot-guns, Al and Cu arms of any shape and size, static conductors and shunts for secondary circuits, electrode-holders, electrodes, and ergonomic conductive joints.

Our mission is to contribute to the evolution of the resistance welding process and to its application methods.

For 42 years we were close and punctual partners alongside technologists for the innovative development of traditional and high-automation products for resistance welding.

Headquarters: 10092 Beinasco TO, Italy


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