List of Japanese Welding Rod Manufacturers

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Best Welding Material Companies in Japan


Japanese Welding Material Manufacturer and Brand - KOBE STEEL, LTD.Source:

The Kobe Steel Group offers distinctive, trustworthy products and technologies in a wide variety of fields, including iron and steel, welding, aluminum and copper, machinery, engineering, construction machinery and electric power.

In fiscal 2016 we embarked on KOBELCO VISION “G+,” a vision to establish a solid business enterprise based on the three core areas of materials, machinery and electric power.

The entire Group strives to ensure that people throughout the world recognize KOBELCO as the brand of a trustworthy corporate group.

Kobe Steel’s welding materials ranging from covered electrodes and semi-automatic welding wires to wires and fluxes for automatic welding are all produced under rigorous standards. Each product is highly acclaimed by industries both inside and outside of japan for proven reliability under various welding conditions.

Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, 651-8585, Japan

  1. Daido Steel Co., Ltd.

Japanese Welding Material Manufacturer and Brand - Daido Steel Co., Ltd.Source:

Since being established, Daido Steel has developed numerous new materials and new technologies at its Research & Development Center and other facilities, which have produced excellent results, while maintaining its pioneer spirit.

We have to keep safety and quality firmly in mind to fulfill our mission as specialty steel manufacturers. We will ensure safety and quality through the inheritance of our technologies, knowledge, and spirit of manufacturing. This is our commitment to the future.

DAIDO STEEL started the mass production of solid wire for the first time in Japan in 1955. We supply various kinds of welding wires such as mild steel, stainless steel, and titanium as a pioneer of solid wire for gas shield arc welding.

Headquarters: Higashisakura 1-chome, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 461-8581, Japan



Our company was founded shortly after the war as a manufacturer of special welding and joining materials such as stainless steel. Currently, there are about 700 types of products.
Since its founding, it has been widely used in fields such as industrial machinery, automobiles, and shipbuilding, but in the future, under automation, digitization, and remonetization, the development of new applications/materials will progress further, and the demand for welding and joining molten materials will increase. I think it will become even more diversified.
We will respond to each customer’s request with a sense of speed by utilizing our many years of manufacturing results and accumulated technical data.

Headquarters: 1-13-8 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0061, Japan

  1. Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd

Japanese Welding Material Manufacturer and Brand - Taseto Co., Ltd.Source:

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd is engaged in producing and selling electrical wires and other communication wiring products. The company was established in April 1897, and its headquarters are in Osaka in Japan. It has the following business segments- Infocommunications Automotive, Electronics, Environment, Energy, & Others.

Scratches, oxides, grease, and dirt on the wire surface are removed by advanced wire drawing processing technology and cleaning technology that incorporates ultrasonic cleaning. Welding defects (blowholes) are difficult to occur, resulting in high workability and welding reliability.

Main products:

  • Aluminum Welding Wires
  • Aluminum Welding Bars

Headquarters: Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

  1. Taseto Co., Ltd.

Japanese Welding Material Manufacturer and Brand - Tokuden Co., Ltd.Source:

Taseto is a pioneer in special welding materials and flaw detection materials that has inherited the legacy of Takata Ship Bottom Coating Co., the first private welding materials manufacturer.

The company has believed in putting the customer first as part of its basic philosophy ever since its founding. As a company that deals in technical products such as specialized welding materials and flaw detection agents, we have worked with customers to find solutions on-site so that our products can fulfill their needs.

In the field of specialized welding materials, Taseto’s welding materials not only for general-purpose stainless steel, but also high nickel steel, two-phase stainless steel, and so on, have received high praise.

Main products:

  • Welding Consumables
  • Flux Cored Wires
  • Covered Electrodes
  • TIG Welding Rods
  • MIG Welding Wires
  • Flux Covered TIG Welding Rods

Headquarters: Shin-yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 222-0033, Japan

  1. Tokuden Co., Ltd.


We boast top-class results as one of the only companies in Japan that can provide comprehensive services from the provision of welding materials to accepting orders for construction.

The welding materials related to special steel and non-ferrous metal that we provide boast exceptional heat, corrosion and abrasion resistance as well as excellent welding properties. Among our special welding materials, flux-cored wires and arc welding electrodes for hard facing boast a unique production system that handles high-mix, low-volume manufacturing and we have secured a high market share in these sectors. Going forward, we seek to improve business performance by further differentiating ourselves and promoting joint development with our client companies.

Headquarters: Showa Dori, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Pref., Japan


Japanese Welding Material Manufacturer and Brand - NIPPON STEEL WELDING & ENGINEERING CO.,LTD.Source:

We, NIPPON STEEL WELDING & ENGINEERING CO.,LTD., are a subsidiary company of NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION which is one of the world’s big steel makers.

Over 80 years, we supply the breakthrough welding consumables used for FCAW, SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, and various welding equipment including plasma welding to match and enhance your welding skill.

We are the first and only Japanese manufacturer to mass produce the Seamless Flux Cored Wire since 1981, which has excellent performance and quality for low temperature and high-tensile strength use.

Main products:

  • Shielded metal arc welding electrodes
  • Gas metal arc welding wires
  • Flux Cored welding wires
  • Submerged arc welding wires and fluxes
  • Other welding materials

Headquarters: Shingu Bldg., 4-2 Toyo 2-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan



We have been able to develop and improve our company continuously from our foundation until today. Nowadays, we are enjoying very much accelerated technical innovations which make rapid and dramatic improvements and lead variation of materials and products.

These trends can be applied to our Tokai Yogyo’s products and work too. We are always trying our very best effort so as to catch up with these worldwide trends and provide our best and latest proposals and services to our customers through the research and development of TOKAI WELDING MATERIALS and enhancing skills in the operation of works at Thermal Spraying and Building up Welding on Die Mold.

Main products:

  • Welding Materials for Cast Iron
  • Welding Materials for Hard Surfacing
  • Welding Materials for Stainless Steel
  • Welding Materials for Low Alloy Steel
  • Welding Materials for High Tensile Steel
  • Welding Materials for Copper Alloy

Headquarters: Imae Hanamoto-cho Toyota-city Aichi-pref, 470-0334 Japan

  1. Nikkei Sangyo Co.,Ltd.

Japanese Welding Material Manufacturer and Brand - Nikkei Sangyo Co.,Ltd.Source:

Nikkei Sangyo was established in 1949 as a trading company of Nippon Light Metal Co., Ltd., an aluminum manufacturer, and started with the distribution of extremely lim辻ed products.

Now we are a trading company that distributes a wide range of products from materials to processed products and we have grown into a diversified company with annual revenue of more than ¥30 billion, which has also construction and insurance businesses, along with an aluminum welding wire factory.

Main products:

  • Welding wire
  • Welding rod


  1. SMK Co., Ltd.

Japanese Welding Material Manufacturer and Brand - SMK Co., Ltd.Source:

SMK is a Japanese company that plans, develops, manufactures, and sells electrodes for spot/projection/arc welding and welding accessories.
We basically manufacture in our own factory and are committed to the development and production of items reflecting customers’ voices.

Main products:

  • Electrodes For Nut Welding
  • Electrodes For Bolt Welding
  • Insert Electrodes
  • Electrodes Accessories
  • Electrodes For Arc Welding

Headquarters: TOGOSHI SHINAGAWA-KU, TOKYO, 142-0041 Japan

  1. Kinomoto Shinsen Co.,Ltd.

Japanese Welding Material Manufacturer and Brand - Kinomoto Shinsen Co.,Ltd.Source:

KINOMOTO SHINSEN came into existence in Hiraoka, Higashi-Osaka City, in 1935 as a special steel shaft manufacturer.

“Fulfilling customer’s needs” We always stick to our important principle, as a pioneer of cold-finished steel bars.

We have also focused on the great future of cold-finished steel bars, and we have kept challenging to create specially shaped steel shafts and special steel shafts utilizing our technologies of wire drawing.

We always try to create supreme products which are original and have never existed. This is the starting point of our manufacturing.

Main products:

  • TIG Welding rod
  • MIG Welding wire

Headquarters: 2-56 Yayoi-cho, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, Japan

  1. ASAHI WELDEX co., ltd.

Japanese Welding Material Manufacturer and Brand - ASAHI WELDEX co., ltd.Source:

Our company has been doing business as a company handling high pressure gas welding equipment since its establishment in 1954.

And in the 21st century, we are born again in line with this new era. We always make the best efforts to get close reliability, which is the basic attitude of our company.

Technical know-how on the equipment and the system is required in the field of welding. cutting, and providing suggestions through the direct exchanging of opinions with customers is required even though this is the era ol IT revolution.

Thus we think that our company is worth existing as equipped with abundant technological knowledge and performances.

Main products:

  • Arc welding wire
  • solid wire
  • flux core wire
  • submerged arc welding wire
  • self-shield arc welding wire
  • other welding materials



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