Best American Welding Torch Brands

Welding Torches, also named welding guns, are among the most frequently used part of the welding process. They are subjected to the most severe working conditions and abuse. When you purchase Welding Torches making the incorrect choice can affect the welding process, and may impact our welding device’s effectiveness. It can result in a major impact on the quality of welding, productivity, and decrease the downtime of the operator.

There are a variety of wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers in the USA that supply welding torches and other welding equipment. Choosing a supplier that is compliant with the various industry standards is your first priority. We’ve made it easier for you by limiting the top welding torch factories and suppliers according to the following factors:

  • Over 10 years of industry experience
  • Materials used in manufacturing are of high quality and the facility
  • Bulk production capabilities
  • The conformity with ISO standards as well as other European standards

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11 Best Welding Torch Manufacturers in the USA

  1. American Torch Tip

Welding Torch Manufacturer in the USA - American Torch TipSource:

Founded in 1940, American Torch Tip is a US-based company with industry-leading expertise in designing and engineering state-of-the-art technology for the metal welding and cutting market. On a macro level, ATTC products have a global reach and contribute to major infrastructure projects worldwide. On a micro level, our high-quality torches and consumables can decrease your operational downtime and improve your revenue.

During our manufacturing process, automated vision systems are used to verify that exact tolerances are maintained. After the final assembly, more procedures including pressure-, flame-, leak-, and performance-testing ensure that our products meet stringent ATTC standards. Over 80+ years later, we are now fulfilling the mission we set out to accomplish by successfully designing and manufacturing thousands of industry-leading torches and consumables for welding, laser and plasma cutting, and thermal spraying. We make durable products for the industries that build and fuel the modern world.

Their promise:

  • Deliver The Greatest Possible Performance
  • Always Do The Right Thing
  • Only Ship Products That Meet Our Standards
  • Ship In A Timely Manner

Headquarters: 6212 29th Street East, Bradenton, FL, USA

  1. Abicor Binzel USA Inc.

Welding Torch Manufacturer in the USA - Abicor Binzel USA Inc.Source:

ABICOR BINZEL provides Total Torch Technology and innovative welding accessories that enhance welding workmanship and effectiveness. We have a complete product of air and water-cooled MIG, TIG, and Robotic welding torches suitable for any welding application. All of our torches are ISO-9000 certified to ensure the absolute highest standards of quality and reliability.

Our products are manufactured and assembled across the world in our various manufacturing locations. With sales, product, and customer service staff positioned in each of our core markets and a global marketing and brand identity, BINZEL is both worldwide and at your side. We also provide customized welding solutions to meet your unique welding and fabrication needs.

Headquarters: Frederick, MD 21703, USA

  1. CM Industries

Welding Torch Manufacturer in the USA - CM IndustriesSource:

CM Industries has been providing MIG welding guns and robotic welding torches for a large number of industries in North America and around the world.

CM Industries is a true American manufacturer of high-quality Robotic Torches & Peripherals, MIG Guns & MIG Parts, Smoke Extractor MIG Guns & Fume Extractor MIG Guns, TIG Torches & Consumables, Torch Cleaning Stations, Nozzle Cleaning Stations, Reamer Blades, Push-Pull MIG Guns, Automatic MIG Guns & Water-Cooled MIG Guns.

Headquarters: 505 Oakwood Road, Lake Zurich, IL  60047, USA

  1. DINSE Inc

Welding Torch Manufacturer in the USA - DINSE IncSource:

DINSE, Inc. founded in 2010, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DINSE G.m.b.H.  Precision, performance, and cost-effectiveness: the strengths that set DINSE products apart.

Whether MIG/MAG, TIG, or LASER, DINSE offers technologically advanced solutions for all areas of application.
The program ranges from our traditional products through manual welding systems to robotic and automatic welding systems.

Technologically advanced products and continuous investment in research and development ensure our users have a competitive edge. That is what has made the DIX standard the quality benchmark throughout the industry for many years now.

Headquarters: 830 Dillon Drive, Wood Dale, Il 60191 USA

  1. Harris Products Group

Welding Torch Manufacturer in the USA - Harris Products GroupSource:

With a history that includes the invention of flame-cutting torches and more than 100 years of manufacturing excellence, The Harris Products Group has a firm foundation in the equipment and alloys used in brazing, soldering, welding, cutting, heating and gas control.

The Harris Products Group currently operates 11 manufacturing facilities in 6 countries. Each is ISO 9001 certified for quality management systems.

Harris manufactures a wide variety of torch products that will meet the needs of most fabricators. Harris can also custom design a torch to meet any special requirements. Whether a customer needs to cut 60’ material or any specialty alloy such as aluminum, stainless, or cast iron, Harris can design and manufacture a specialty torch for the application.

Main products:

  • Air-Fuel Torches
  • Cutting Attachments
  • Oxy-Fuel Torch Handles
  • Straight Cutting Torches
  • Machine Cutting Torches

Headquarters: 4501 Quality Pl, Mason, OH 45040, United States

  1. CK Worldwide, Inc.

 Welding Torch Manufacturer in the USA - CK Worldwide, Inc.Source:

Since 1967, CK worldwide has brought more innovations to tig welding equipment than any other manufacturer. With more patents on product design and improvements than anyone else, CK worldwide set the standard in tig welding.

Our premium lines of TIG Torches and accessories are some of the most widely used in the world. We check all our parts for quality and consistency to make sure everything is built to the diamond standard that people recognize. Our QA/QC team analyzes and addresses all aspects of our product functionality and uses them to make sure we are creating a premium experience for our customers.

Main products:

  • Standard Series
  • MasterTIG Series
  • UltraTIG Series
  • Machine Series

Headquarters: 3501 C St NE, Auburn, WA 98002, United States

  1. American Weldquip

Welding Torch Manufacturer in the USA - American WeldquipSource:

Founded in 1987, American Weldquip, a part of the Profax group of companies, has been providing superior customer service and a uniquely designed line of high-quality MIG welding torches and consumables to some of the world’s most discriminating welding facilities.

Our business philosophy for over 30 years has been to provide our customers with exceptional personalized customer service, innovative solutions in tough applications, and an outstanding quality product. We take great pride in the fact that most of our products are engineered and manufactured in our Sharon Center, Ohio U.S.A. facility. We are dedicated to working together with our distributors and end-users partners so that we all remain competitive.


  • Customer Service Driven Company Philosophy
  • Lower Maintenance and Total Cost of Ownership
  • Produced On State of The Art Automated CNC Equipment
  • Knowledgeable Engineering and Technical Support
  • Skilled and Dedicated Manufacturing Team Members
  • All Products Meet RoHS Compliance

Headquarters: Sharon Center, OH, USA

  1. SUMIG Robotics

Welding Torch Manufacturer in the USA - SUMIG RoboticsSource:

Proud to be a Family Owned and Managed Global Manufacturer of Premium Welding Equipment and Supplies Since 1980. Quality, Technology, Support, and Trust: through these value concepts we will continue to help our customers grow.

At SUMIG Robotics, you can count on the best services in the welding industry. Increase your production and take your metal fabrication company forward. We carry systems and cells as well as components that support our superior robotic welding systems.

The innovative line of Sumig robotic torches is available for robots with through-arm or external cabling. system. Designed to easily and quickly connect to any robotic system. Replacement of parts or components makes equipment maintenance much faster and more economical.

Headquarters: Suite 8, Lewisville, TX, 75057, USA

  1. TEC Welding Products Company


The TEC Welding Products Company, established in 1955, is the oldest independent TIG torch maker in the world. Its reputation
for high-quality innovative products is known and respected around the world. The Tec team has introduced more innovative
products and has more patents for TIG welding torches and related products than any other company.

Main products:

  • Air-Cooled TIG Torches
  • Water Cooled TIG Torches
  • Micro TIG Torches
  • Automated Machine TIG Torches
  • High-Performance TIG Torches

Headquarters: San Marcos, CA 92079, USA

  1. D/F Machine Specialties, Inc.

Welding Torch Manufacturer in the USA - D F Machine Specialties, IncSource:

D/F MACHINE SPECIALTIES, INC. was founded in 1966. D/F MACHINE SPECIALTIES manufactures American Made MIG & TIG Water-Cooled, Air-Cooled, Semi-Automatic, Automatic, Robotic Welding Guns and Machine Barrels. To go with its welding guns, D/F has its own complete line of welding consumables.

D/F’s MIG & TIG equipment has been used exclusively by Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric, and ESAB for 40 years.  The purchase of D/F MACHINE SPECIALTIES, INC. ensures that D/F’s loyal customers can continue to receive the quality and service they are accustomed to, while new D/F customers will benefit from alternative superior welding products and consumables.

Headquarters: 1750 Howard Dr, North Mankato, MN 56003, United States

  1. Trafimet Spa

Welding Torch Manufacturer in the USA - Trafimet SpaSource:

Trafimet Spa has been active in the welding field since 1974 with increasing specialization in the design and manufacture of MIG, TIG, and PLASMA welding and cutting torches.

Besides the different ranges of torches, Trafimet offers a very wide choice of spare parts which are totally interchangeable with the most important brand names in the welding market.

Such flexibility, along with a high-quality design and manufacturing process, has brought the company to a position of a market leader in the national as well as international markets.

Main products:

  • MIG Torches
  • TIG Torches
  • PLASMA Torches

Headquarters: Hialeah, FL 33016, USA


Finding a reputable supplier is no joke. Hopefully, we were able to provide you with a trusted source of welding and cutting torches.
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