List of Canadian Welding Torch Manufacturers

Looking for a trustworthy welding torch company in Canada? Here, we give you a list of the top manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, and wholesalers in the area!

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List of Welding Torch Suppliers in Canada

  1. Canaweld

Canadian Welding Torch Manufacturer - CanaweldSource:

Since the 1980s, the founders of Canaweld have been actively involved in research & development, production, and sales within the welding & cutting industry. They have filed countless patents and set new standards in the welding industry.

For over a decade, the founders of Canaweld have been members of the Technical Committee (TC 26) of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). IEC is the world`s leading organization that sets international standards for all electrical, electronic, and related technologies.

Since several years ago, the company has also been an expert member of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and served on the technical committee. Both the Technical Committee of IEC and CSA are responsible for modifying or developing International and Canadian standards for welding and cutting machines and related accessories.

Main products:

  • Mig Gun
  • Spool Gun
  • Tig Torch
  • Spool Gun Consumables & Accsessories
  • Tig Torch Consumables & Accsessories

Headquarters: 155 Drumlin Circle, Vaughan, ON, L4K 3E7, Canada

  1. Tregaskiss

Canadian Welding Torch Manufacturer - TregaskissSource:

As manufacturers of semi-automatic, fixed automatic and robotic MIG guns and consumables, Tregaskiss and Bernard have earned a reputation as an experienced, dependable partner to its customers in the automotive, construction and fabrication, heavy equipment, ship, rail, general manufacturing, commercial truck and trailer, and oil and gas industries. Tregaskiss and Bernard offer air-cooled semi-automatic, fixed automatic and robotic MIG guns, water-cooled semi-automatic, fixed automatic and robotic MIG guns, reamers, nozzle cleaning stations, anti-spatter liquid, wire cutters, anti-spatter sprayers, clutches, welding consumables, nozzles, MIG welding tips, and MIG welding torches.

Headquarters: 2570 N Talbot Rd, Windsor, Ontario, N0R 1L0, Canada

  1. CenterLine (Windsor) Limited

Canadian Welding Torch Manufacturer - CenterLine (Windsor) LimitedSource:

As a pioneer in the development of the Transgun, CenterLine has introduced numerous welding advancements and continues to play a key role in spot welding gun technology development over the past 40 years.

Today, advanced manufacturing systems demand robotic welding guns that are adaptable to a wide range of application conditions while remaining efficient, robust, and able to consistently produce high-quality welds.

CenterLine satisfies these needs with the FlexGun family of spot-welding guns. This collection of weld gun designs reflects CenterLine’s cumulative experience in resistance welding and provides manufacturers with one of the most practical and reliable weld gun products available today.


  • Decrease shock and vibration to the welding gun and machinery to reduce equipment wear and maximize uptime.
  • Reduce operating costs by maximizing consumable life.
  • Minimize electrode skidding and misalignment for improved weld quality.

Headquarters: 415 Morton Drive, Windsor ON 9J 3T8, Canada

  1. Everlast Power Equipment Inc

Canadian Welding Torch Manufacturer - Everlast Power Equipment IncSource:

As a rapidly growing supplier of welders & welding equipment to the Canadian welding industry, Everlast seeks to provide all-star performance at affordable prices with every TIG Welder, MIG Welder, Stick Welder, Multi-Purpose machine, and Plasma cutter that we build. We personally oversee every production run of our welders and plasma cutters in China at factories we have chosen for their high standards with ISO compliancy, employment ethics, and technological expertise.

Our offered types of welding equipment and consumables in the welding industry. Everlast welders precisely engineered welding devices are designed with the highest quality component to maximize the durability and performance of the machine and a welder can produce fine welds in no-time

Main products:

  • TIG Torches & Accessories
  • Plasma Torches & Accessories
  • Mig Guns & Accessories

Headquarters: 35 Milburn Rd, Hamilton, ON L8E 3A3, Canada

  1. PowerWeld Inc.

Canadian Welding Torch Manufacturer - PowerWeld Inc.Source:

Established in 1990, PowerWeld Corporation is a full-line welding supply wholesale distribution company serving the industry through its network of welding and industrial distributors across the USA and Canada. Providing expertise in the field of welding, the marketing focus of PowerWeld remains solely on welding and welding-related products; making it the premiere wholesale choice for the supply of welding products in North America.

PowerWeld provides over 90% of its nationwide customer base with same-day, next-day, or two-day delivery of orders – getting products to the field rapidly and cost-effectively. Providing over 40,000 SKU’s of welding products in inventory, PowerWeld is committed to shipping all orders on the same day of receipt.

Main products:

  • Welding filler metals
  • Arc, MIG and TIG accessories and equipment
  • Gas welding and cutting accessories and equipment

Headquarters: 2300 Winston Park Drive, Oakville, Ontario, L6H 7T7 Canada

  1. Platinum North America

Canadian Welding Torch Manufacturer - Platinum North AmericaSource:

Platinum North America (formerly Taipan Canada) is a leading supplier to distributors across North America providing premium quality abrasives, cutting tools, welding consumables and polishing products for the metal working industry. Founded in 2012, we have established global expertise and recognition in the industry for products that provide outstanding performance and value.

August 2019 marked an important milestone in the journey of our company and we completed a rebrand to the new name Platinum North America to better represent the range of products we have to offer and our commitment to provide increased value and productivity to the industry.

Main products:

  • Mig Welding Torches
  • Tig Welding Torches
  • Gas Cutting And Welding Torches

Headquarters: Alberta, Canada.


Finding a reputable supplier is no joke. Hopefully, we were able to provide you with a trusted source of welding and cutting torches.
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