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Are you looking for the top welding torch manufacturers in France? This article lists the top French suppliers of welding torches. You may want to contact these companies if you need bulk welding torches or cutting torches.

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List of Welding Torch Companies in France

  1. CLS Technologies

Welding Torch Supplier in France - CLS TechnologiesSource: cls-soudage.fr

For more than 40 years, CLS has manufactured high-quality MIG and TIG welding torches favored by professional welders and manufacturers of generators. The ranges of CLS torches meet all welding requirements for an optimal result.

Located in SAINT-PRIEST, the company CLS brings flexibility and manufacturing responsiveness to its European customers. Specific requests are reviewed by our research department (torches, connectors ….). We develop and create customized torches and meet all customers’ expectations in France and abroad.


  • Wide range of TIG and MIG welding torches
  • High power torches (water and air)
  • TIG welding torches suitable for all brands of generators
  • Round handle with slide switch
  • Ergonomic handle with multiple mounts on demand
  • Quality control and test before and after assembly
  • Wide range of consumables

Headquarters: Bâtiment F3, 69800 Saint-Priest, France

  1. ARO Welding Technologies SAS

Welding Torch Supplier in France - ARO Welding Technologies SASSource: arotechnologies.com

Since 1949, ARO Welding Technologies SAS has been a leader in resistance welding technology providing the automotive and manufacturing industries with innovative robotic welding, manual welding, and stationary welding systems. From spot welding and projection welding to seam or butt welding, we provide the optimum solution.

Integrated transformer welding guns have revolutionised robotic assembly lines; tens of thousands of ARO robotic welding guns have equipped the large automotive manufacturing plants for many decades. Reliable and robust, ARO robotic welding guns are capable of welding at a higher rate of production.

In addition to the Ergoline range of pneumatic manual welding solutions, ARO innovates by proposing SERVO manual solutions. The Servo technology brings to manual welding operations all its strong benefits – high performance, cost efficiency, and highest reliability. -henceforth recognized by the automotive industry using almost 100% of servo welding guns in robotics.

Headquarters: 1 Av. de Tours, 72500 Montval-sur-Loir, France


Welding Torch Supplier in France - LE LORRAINSource: lelorrain.fr

Founded in 1946, LE LORRAIN applies its technical expertise and technology to develop a complete range of Flame welding equipment for iron and steel and metallurgy industries, as well as boiler-makers, craftsmen, and refrigeration technicians. The company covers the whole production line and quality control: from turning off the parts at the assembly to performing unit tests on Le Lorrain products, to shipment.

Main products:

  • Cutting torch
  • Welding torch
  • Heating torch

Headquarters: rue Marcel Brot, Nancy, FR


Finding a reputable supplier is no joke. Hopefully, we were able to provide you with a trusted source of welding and cutting torches.
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