List of Italian Welding Rod Brands

Want to know the top welding wire and rod suppliers in Italy so you can purchase and import them to your country? Here are the top companies for high-quality welding electrodes.

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Full List of Welding Electrode Companies in Italy

  1. INE SpA


INE SpA began operation with the manufacturing of electrodes in a region that has become the welding and steel district in north-eastern Italy. Its range of products has gradually increased, first with wires, then welding machines, and now includes accessories. Founded in 1950, it still counts on the active involvement of its founder family, who conveys the importance of attention to detail and customer care at all levels.

With 150 employees and two production sites, both of which are in Italy, INE SpA offers a wide and deep range of products supplying both filler material and machines. This is an unusual structure for companies of this size within the welding industry, where such an offering can only be sustained by multinationals. Our salesmen are also technicians and “consultants” able to advise and clarify the offering starting from customers’ specific requests.

Main products:

  • SMAW – Stick Electrodes
  • GMAW – Solid Wire
  • GTAW – Tig-cut Lengths
  • FCAW – Cored Wires
  • SAW – Submerged Arc Wires
  • Submerged Arc Fluxes

Headquarters: Facca, 10, 35013 Cittadella PD, Italy

  1. STELLA srl

 Italian Welding Electrode Manufacturing Company - STELLA srlSource:

STELLA Srl is an Italian manufacturer of brazing alloys, specialized in providing complete solutions in Brazing, Soldering, and Welding applications. Our headquarters are located in the north of Italy from where we supply Customers in more than 60 countries worldwide.

With more than 25 years of experience, we become a reliable source for worldwide leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). We can supply a very wide range of different products, from general purpose to special applications, in a variety of different make-ups, from standard forms to custom engineered forms, to meet specific demands.

Our activity is focused on offering flexibility, technical support, and prompt and customized service to small and big customers. Our Quality System is certified ISO 9001:2008 since 1998.

Main products:

  • Aluminium And Magnesium Alloys For Welding
  • Copper Alloys For Welding
  • Low Alloyed Steel Welding Wire
  • Stainless Steel Electrode

Headquarters: Marconi, 26 – 21041, Albizzate (VA) – ITALY

  1. A.T.S. S.r.l.

Italian Welding Electrode Manufacturing Company - A.T.S. S.r.l.Source:

The Company A.T.S. S.n.c was established in 1983 initially as technical assistance in the spot welding sector, subsequently, the license for the sale of welding systems and related spare parts was acquired.

Today A.T.S. S.r.l. with the help of valid collaborators who systematically attend training and refresher courses, it stands in the foreground in providing equipment and items in the catalog defined as standard.

It also specializes in the production of customer-specific parts and any other object required in the field of resistance welding, stud welding, and sheet metal fastening systems.

All equipment supplied is guaranteed by the assistance of specialized internal technical personnel who make use of certified instruments.

Main products:

  • welding studs
  • copper alloys
  • copper alloy electrodes

Headquarters: 40023 Castel Guelfo di Bologna BO, Italy

  1. ITALFIL S.p.A.

Italian Welding Electrode Manufacturing Company - ITALFIL S.p.A.Source:

Founded in 1978 by Mr. Carlo Gasparetto, ITALFIL S.p.A. has specialized in the production of welding wire for MIG, MAG, SAW, and TIG. Thanks to the quality and reliability of its products, it has established itself in the international markets and has managed to achieve appreciation in all continents. ITALFIL S.p.A. also works closely with the world’s leading groups in the sector. The close relationship with the largest highly qualified European steel mills, continuous research, and development of new types of materials, enables for a continuous expansion of the already wide range of ITALFIL S.p.A. products available.

The introduction of new manufacturing processes and the need to increase production capacity require a continuous renewal of the facilities. ITALFIL S.p.A. is evolving and is oriented to meet the market needs of the present and future. and presently can count on two production sites in Carmignano di Brenta and Gazzo Padovano. Together these two sites occupy an area of ​​48,000 square meters, of which 26,000 square meters are buildings.

Headquarters: 35010 GAZZO PADOVANO (PD) – Italy

  1. SIAT S.P.A.

Italian Welding Electrode Manufacturing Company - SIAT S.P.A.Source:

SIAT SpA has been operating for more than 40 years in the field of submerged arc and gas shielded arc welding wires under the PITTARC trademark.

Its synergies with other companies belonging to the Pittini Group have led to the development of the latest-generation technology and plants for manufacturing high-quality products that can meet all market demands, also in the most challenging applications.

Manufacturing processes are permanently controlled in each processing step, from the production of raw materials (rods) to finished products.

PITTARC is able to offer a vast range of solutions for gas metal arc welding (GMAW) and submerged arc welding (SAW) thanks to its specialization in the production of welding wires.

Headquarters: della Cartiera, 3, 33013 Gemona del Friuli UD, Italy

  1. Siderarco (S.P.A.)

Italian Welding Electrode Manufacturing Company - Siderarco (S.P.A.)Source:

The company start welding electrode production in Turin in 1947 under the name Rapidarco. In 1979 the factory is moving to Polonghera changing its name to SIDERARCO S.p.A., in an in-building surface of 3600 sq.m, laying on a field of 12.000 sq.m.

The company is technologically well equipped and of high performance, with all its resources, focus on the “special” electrode development, answering to a more and more demanding market.

In 2007 Siderarco obtained the ISO 9001 certificate and the Factory Production Control certificate, which permits it to application the CE mark on some of its products.

Additionally, Siderarco is able to supply machinery for welding electrode production, providing assistance and know-how.

Headquarters: 11 Strada Murello, Polonghera, CN 12030, Italy


Italian Welding Electrode Manufacturing Company - SAFRA SPASource:

Since 1970, Safra develops and manufactures MIG and TIG aluminium and copper alloy welding consumables. Its products are used in highly specialized sectors, such as shipyards, automotive, high-speed trains, cryogenic, etc.

Apart from the historical site in Italy, Safra has established further three sites in other countries. This is a continuous development of skills and success which promotes Safra among the undisputed world leaders in manufacturing versatile and competitive welding consumables.


  • 50 Years in the industry
  • 19 Types of products
  • 3 Continents
  • 4 Offices around the world
  • 10 Fields of application

Headquarters: Averolda, 15, 25039 Travagliato, BS Italy

  1. Rodacciai S.p.A.

Italian Welding Electrode Manufacturing Company - Rodacciai S.p.A.Source:

Specialized in the production of steel for all industrial uses, Rodacciai has always distinguished itself through a unique production philosophy: the choice to have, just a few years after its foundation, its own rolling mill.

In the field of production of Stainless Steel welding wire for many years, Rodacciai has developed a new family of products in order to increase its range of products and meet its customers’ demands. After research, development, and tests carried out at Rodacciai production sites and laboratories, the company has launched a new family of Nickel Alloys solid welding wire with the brand Roda Alloy.

The long experience and the work accomplished before the launch of the new products have allowed Rodacciai to collect positive feedback from customers – particularly appreciating the quality consistency that has been achieved. According to customers’ needs, Roda Alloy can supply MIG, TIG, or Submerged Arc welding processes, in different sizes – from 0.8 mm to 4 mm.- and different packaging. Last but not least, Roda Alloy 625 has received the TÜV certification.

Headquarters: Giuseppe Roda 1, 23842 Bosisio Parini, Lecco (Italy)

  1. Sidergas Group

Italian Welding Electrode Manufacturing Company - Sidergas GroupSource:

With over fifty years of experience in wire drawing and a yearly output of almost 50,000 Tonnes, Sidergas is a leading European manufacturer of carbon steel and aluminum welding wires, whose remarkable high quality is recognized and confirmed by important International Certification bodies.

Sidergas is committed to continuously developing innovative products and technologies aimed at effectively satisfying the growing industry demand for reliable welding consumables in welding automation and the increasingly stricter work safety standards. Thanks to constant interaction and cooperation with selected end-user customers and distributors worldwide Sidergas has, year after year, successfully managed to expand its production facilities and business volumes.

The quality and consistency of our products are verified by internationally recognized approving organizations and appreciated by our end-user customers worldwide.

Headquarters: 37015 Sant’ Ambrogio Valpolicella (Verona) Italy


Italian Welding Electrode Manufacturing Company - FIDAT SRLSource:

Fidat, manufacturers, and suppliers of filler materials for professional welding and brazing in various application fields.

Since its foundation in 1948, Fidat has believed in aluminium. In a period of more than 70 years in which welding technologies, processes and products have been continuously advancing, Fidat has been alongside its customers, accompanying the evolution of industrial production.

Over time, Fidat’s professionalism, research, and experience, acquired in the company, have allowed it to create specific know-how and cutting-edge solutions…

Fidat offers a complete range of aluminium and copper alloys for GTAW and GMAW welding and alloys and fluxes for aluminium brazing.

Headquarters: Massari, 189, 10148 Torino, Italy

  1. Novofil S.p.A.

Italian Welding Electrode Manufacturing Company - Novofil S.p.A.Source:

Founded in 1986 Novofil has steadily grown over the years, developing its resources and expertise. Since the 1980s was one of the leading Italian manufacturers of welding wires for MIG / MAG and TIG ensuring high quality standards and maximum flexibility to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

From 2016 Novofil has completely renewed all its organizational features, detaching itself from the Petitto Group and following independently a path that is increasingly oriented to the research and development of its products in line with the changed and different needs of the reference markets. The plant, located in Avellino, is equipped with modern technologies that ensure the constant quality of products. Thanks to the important role of the Research and Development Department, the company has introduced a new wire coating process which has increased the efficiency in the welding by 30% and has greatly reduced the emission of toxic fumes. The company continues to actively work in order to find new and better solutions in the welding market. In only two years, Novofil has increased its production capacity acquiring market shares also in emerging countries. This constant growth then led to the recent corporate transition from S.r.l. in S.p.A. witnessing the company’s will to operate for continuous improvement.

Main products:

  • Mild steel wires
  • Low alloy wires
  • High strenght wires
  • Aluminium and Stainless Wires

Headquarters:  Manocalzati (AV) , Italy


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