List of British Welding Electrode Manufacturers and Brands

Wondering which companies are the best welding wire and rod Suppliers in the UK? Find out in this curated list and review the top welding electrode manufacturers and suppliers.

There are a number of welding electrode suppliers and manufacturers in the UK. If you need to order the best products, check out the list of the top suppliers below.

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Full List of Welding Electrode Companies in the UK

  1. Central Wire Industries UK, Ltd.

UK Welding Electrode Manufacture and Brand - Central Wire Industries UK, Ltd.Source:

CWI is a world leader in manufacturing high quality round and profiled shaped wire. We manufacture in a wide range of materials. All our profiles are manufactured on specialist equipment designed and built in-house with each line having in-line laser measuring – guaranteeing dimensional accuracy. Our ability to manufacture the tooling on-site ensures consistency but also offers our customers the opportunity to develop complex or demanding requirements.

Our evolutionary CWI Generation4™ specialty alloy welding wire products are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials including stainless, nickel, cobalt and copper. Our products fulfill the specific performance requirements of many technical processes, including shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), submerged arc welding (SAW), tungsten inert gas welding (GTAG), flux-cored arc welding (FCAW), and gas metal arc welding (GMAW). We offer recommended welding procedures to assist in the selection of the proper material for your application method. Main products:


  • Top Quality
  • Quick Lead Times
  • Your Specifications
  • Globally Positioned

Headquarters: Greasbrough Rd, Rotherham, S.Yorkshire S60 1RH, United Kingdom

  1. WB Alloy Welding Products Ltd

UK Welding Electrode Manufacture and Brand - WB Alloy Welding Products LtdSource:

WB Alloy Welding Products Ltd is a welding consumables manufacturer that supply a range of high-quality, high-integrity products for both welding and cutting applications. Our product range encapsulates equipment and consumables for all welding and cutting processes and includes our own and other major brand-name products.

We offer a broad range of services from cutting and welding services to bespoke design and manufacturing solutions. Services include calibration, gas hose testing, PAT testing repairs, and certification.

Main products:

  • Mig / Cored Wires
  • Tig Wire
  • MMA Electrodes
  • Sub Arc

Headquarters: 70 Montrose Ave, Hillington, Park, Glasgow G52 4LA, United Kingdom

  1. MWA International

UK Welding Electrode Manufacture and Brand - MWA InternationalSource:

MWA has been manufacturing welding electrodes in the United Kingdom since 1974. With MWA Electrode distributors around the world, MWA continues to provide welding solutions to every type of industry. The MWA range of welding electrodes symbolises high quality and is distributed throughout the world. With over 200 products available all problems and applications can be met.

MWA offers full technical support, with advice from metallurgists and welding engineers, ensuring all problems can be resolved. Our qualified metallurgists enable us to formulate all types of electrodes, and using our own, on-site, spectrometer we are able to analyze and certify all welding electrodes.


  • A Wealth of Experience
  • Advice & Support
  • Relationship with Customers
  • Value for Money

Headquarters: Longford Rd, Cannock, WS11 0LG, England

  1. Master Weld

UK Welding Electrode Manufacture and Brand - Master WeldSource:

We are a European-based manufacturer supplying the welding industry with unbeatable build quality and reliability.

MasterWeld Equipment and Consumables have been sold in the UK and Europe since 2006, and have since become firmly established in the welding industry as a highly reputable brand associated with the build quality, reliability, and unbeatable welder appeal.

All MasterWeld products are sold by AES Industrial Supplies Ltd, Olympic House, Collett, Southmead Park, Didcot, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.

Main products:

  • Arc Welding Rods
  • TIG Welding Rods
  • MIG Welding Wire
  • Flux Cored Welding Wire
  • Welding Consumables

Headquarters: Unit 2 Olympic House, Collett, Didcot OX11 7WB, United Kingdom

  1. Core Wire

UK Welding Electrode Manufacture and Brand - Core WireSource:

Corewire is proud to be amongst the World’s leading producers of flux and metal-cored welding consumables and machines for hardfacing and maintenance applications.

Corewire offers the customer more than just the supply of flux-cored welding wires. Through technical innovation, Corewire Ltd is able to help partner organisations and customers realise significant added value and cost savings through the implementation of weld repair and reclamation strategies.

Corewire branded products are designed for general hardfacing, repair, and maintenance. Corewire products are used extensively in the mining, quarrying, cement, agriculture, steel, and rail industries amongst others.

Headquarters: Station Road West, Ash Vale, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU12 5LZ, UK


UK Welding Electrode Manufacture and Brand - HGC MANCHESTER LIMITEDSource:

HGC MANCHESTER LIMITED is one of the UK’s leading exporters of Welding consumables. With an extensive experience of over 20 years in the industry, we pride in sourcing our products globally to our clients.

Due to the relationships that we have established over the years with several product suppliers, our customers benefit in many ways. We maintain surplus inventory in order to maintain a consistent flow of products, in a variety of sizes. HGC MANCHESTER LIMITED maintains long-term relationships with many of the world’s leading producers.

We supply to various industries, for which the safety and quality of the products are crucial. All our products are fully tested and certified.


  • Supplying High Special Metals
  • Global Network
  • Supplying High Quality Products
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • Wide Market Presence

Headquarters: 163 Kingsway, Burnage Manchester M19 2ND, United Kingdom

  1. Specialised Welding Products

UK Welding Electrode Manufacture and Brand - Specialised Welding ProductsSource:

Specialised Welding Products was founded in 1991 and is firmly established as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Welding and Safety Equipment, whilst maintaining core beliefs of Quality, Service, and Value, provided by a dedicated team with extensive product knowledge.

Our core values are offering the widest choice of quality products selected from the best suppliers globally. This allows us to bring the latest products to the market, backed by a knowledgeable and dedicated after-sales and technical support team with a passion for delivering on time.

Main products:

  • Aluminum Mig Wire
  • Aluminum Tig Wire
  • Copper Mig Wire
  • Copper Tig Wire
  • Strinless Steel Mig Wire
  • Strinless Steel Tig Wire

Headquarters: Liverpool, Merseyside, WA11 9UD, United Kingdom

  1. Westbrook Welding Alloys Limited

UK Welding Electrode Manufacture and Brand - Westbrook Welding Alloys LimitedSource:

Westbrook Welding Alloys Limited was established in 1993 and is the sole supplier in the UK, dedicated to supplying only MIG, TIG, MMA welding, and brazing consumables.

With our experienced and dedicated staff, we have over 100 years of industry knowledge, this will help you find the solution for the perfect weld or braze.

Westbrook is accredited to ISO9001 and operates strict quality controls and is approved by many companies in the defense, aerospace, nuclear, petrochemical, shipbuilding, and many other industries which demand high-quality welding and brazing consumables.


  • Established since 1993
  • Over 100 Years Industry Experience
  • High Quality Welding & Brazing Consumables
  • Next Day Deliveries
  • Online Ordering

Headquarters: 5 Melford Ct, Woolston, Warrington, WA1 4RZ, UK

  1. Weldfast UK Ltd

UK Welding Electrode Manufacture and Brand - Weldfast UK LtdSource:

Weldfast UK/MWA is a leading independent wholesaler of Welding, Cutting, Safety Equipment, and Associated Products.

The acquisition of MWA in 2017, now gives Weldfast UK the only remaining welding electrode manufacturer in the UK, offering our distributors a large

range of premium quality welding electrodes and filler wires direct from our manufacturing base in Cannock UK.

Weldfast UK LTD / MWA alongside Cebora of Italy is committed to presenting new and innovative products to all our customers, these latest

technology products will allow our distributors to benefit from the new and exciting opportunities that these produce.

Headquarters: Speedwell Road Newcastle, Staffordshire, ST5 7RG, United Kingdom

  1. Lion International U.K (M.E.) Limited

UK Welding Electrode Manufacture and Brand - Lion International U.K (M.E.) LimitedSource:

Lion International U.K (M.E.) Limited – incorporated in 1998 as a major company of welding equipment, and consumables in the UK. The aim is to establish a worldwide reputation for its quality products. The logo WORLDWIDE – WORLD CLASS has been a driving force behind the philosophy of developing its quality products to serve the industry in many parts of the world.

During a short span of time, LION products have gained a good reputation in the world market and have a strong presence in the Middle East. All LION products are manufactured under strict quality controls and comply with the Q.A. system under ISO-9001/ ISO-14001 and other related standards. We have associated with many manufacturers to produce world-class quality satisfying the needs of our esteemed customers all over the world. With a strong marketing strategy, these products are finding new markets and penetrating multiple industrial sectors the world over. Our distributor network is expanding to reach the end-users – large and small alike.

Main products:

  • Coated Electrodes
  • MIG/MAG Welding Wires
  • TIG Rods
  • Submerged Arc Welding Wires

Headquarters: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3XX United Kingdom

  1. Lancaster Alloys

UK Welding Electrode Manufacture and Brand - Lancaster AlloysSource:

Lancaster Alloys is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of the highest quality weld wire filler materials for the aerospace and defence industries.

We supply a range of high-performance weld wire filler wires to Rolls Royce MSRR9500, Omat, AWS, MIL & AMS specifications.

Lancaster Alloys Company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation for the manufacture and supply of premium quality filler metals, available in wire diameters 0.125″ thru 0.005″ by 18″, 27″, 36″ and 40″ (1m) lengths or by 4″, 8″, 12″ diameter spools, or customer requirements.

We produce one of the most comprehensive ranges of welding wires and carry extensive stocks.

In-house we can draw, precision spool, cut, flag and colour code to customers specific requirements.

Headquarters: Main Road, Hallow, Worcester, United Kingdom


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